New Gudrun Legler: Lindea

Three things.

  1. She’s cute.
  2. She looks like a newborn version of Livia.
  3. I post a lot of new releases for the lurkers LOL


Aw, she’s gorgeous x

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She’s adorable!

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YEP…newborn Livia for sure!!!

She’s a little DARLING!!!

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OH MY GOSH…whyyyyy soo many new kits lol. Reminds me of a little Livia or maybe Adelya’s cousin lol. TOO CUTE! Where are the dolly dollars…

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So CUTE! :heart:

Beautiful but what is with all the 18" kits? So hard to find clothes for. I like the ones slightly bigger that can wear newborn. Seems like the 18" ones are too big for preemie and too little for newborn. Done whining now!


OMG! don’t do this to us. Now I have to get one, or two…

Beautiful - thanks for sharing!

They fit “New Baby” perfectly in NEXT (free shipping on $40+) and they ship fast :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lindea is shipping tomorrow! Woooooooo!!!


I agree @djjessie228. It’s really hard to find clothing for the smaller ones. Too many new babies right now. All are so beautiful

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She is adorable and still available at several dealers for anyone that didn’t pre-order her. I just broke down and ordered her from MacPhersons. She should ship tomorrow!

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