New fb group- babyluv

Good morning all!!

I have created a new group on Facebook. It’s Uber private so if you tend to not want to be in groups on FB because of drama or privacy please give this a try. This group is unsearchable to ensure all group member can remain private. If you are like me, your main FB page does not represent anything reborn related so therefore I don’t post about the babies there. send me your FB name and I will add you if wanted.

on there you can post pictures of your collections and your work, sale and connect with sellers, give and get advice. Just another outlet if you want to be apart!!


Mike Renauta Stallcup (me and the hubby share)

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ok I guess because of the restrictions, I have to add you to my friends first, so if you get a friend request from Colette Titus thats why!


Add me, Gina Gabriell.


Please add me: Ashley Fox


Ashley, I’m unsure which one is you (there are tons) can you send me a request please!?

Linda Sue Hudson Hammock, please add me!

Amanda Mientkiewicz

thanks all, if I have not sent you a friend request I will when I get home. If you have and accepted I will add you in the group when I get home.

once you are in the group, you can add others… I don’t think I mentioned that earlier!!!

Add me please, Holly Rodriguez, I have a Boston Terrier as my profile picture