New eBay Payment Question

I have sold my first item with the new eBay. How do I know how the buyer paid? All the notification from eBay says is “paid, ship now” and there is a link to print a label. I am curious what the payment is because I’ve heard that some forms of payment allow a chargeback soon after payment and if you ship the item too soon you will lose the payment from your account and your item. Some sellers have been jilted because they shipped right way like eBay says to, but the buyer did a chargeback and was able to keep the item when it arrived. Makes me nervous with a lot of unknowns with this new eBay. Seems eBay is not being as transparent to sellers as it should be.

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I am not sure that you can know, but that would be nice.

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Do you not get the money until it’s shipped or something?

I would wait until I got the money cleared before I shipped and clearly state that in my description.

I know I’m weird but if someone is buying something and paying for shipping I should have those funds from that transaction to pay for shipping cause that’s what they are paying for :thinking: exactly for the reasons you are concerned about. I don’t think it’s fair for these places to hold funds until things are shipped. I understand both sides worrying about scammers though.

It’s a sad world that people do that to each other without a second thought


Another doll artist on a different forum said that you don’t get the payment until it clears your bank account, which can take a few days. This artist said she changed her ship time on eBay to four days, to be sure the money had cleared before shipping. A buyer can issue a charge-back in waiting period, and if you’ve sent the item already then you may get ripped off. My buyer has great feedback, but I just want to see if I can figure out how this exactly works. I sure miss getting funds right into PayPal. eBay is telling me “ship now” but if the funds haven’t cleared and a person can still do a chargeback during that time, I don’t feel too enthusiastic about shipping now. But I want my customer to be happy. In the old eBay way I shipped within 1 business day, which was nice, due to PayPal.

Just looked in my bank account. No deposit as of yet and nothing that says a payment is pending. Should be interesting to see how this goes.

Ok, I’m really confused again. This is the info for this sale in my seller dashboard. I don’t know what the numbers here mean. The ending bid was $275.00. eBay shows $300.83 as “total sales.” It says eBay collected $15.68, and that my selling costs are $38.05, which is 12.6% of my total sales. After the $15.68 and $38.05 are taken out, my net sale is $247. So, is eBay now taking more than 10% for a selling fee??

Could someone who is good with numbers figure out what they are doing and explain it for me? :hugs:

So, this doesn’t make common sense to me:

The buyer’s payment is pending but I should ship now. And then they state how long it can take to receive your money, which looks like it could take potentially 5 or more business days. My momma didn’t raise a fool. No money changing hands yet means no shipping of merchandise.

It could take up to a week to get your money, since it’s a holiday week. Like the FAQ info states, it take 2 days for them to initiate the payment to your bank account. They’ll let you know when it’s been initiated. Then it takes another couple of days to appear in your bank account. As long as the money is shown in your Ebay seller account and says ship now, it’s OK to ship. My last sale took about a week to actually be deposited in my bank. Ebay now takes about 12% since it doesn’t go through Paypal anymore.

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Wow, thanks for explaining that. Still seems scary to ship out the item when no money is even pending in my bank account. What if a buyer does a chargeback when the item is in the mail? Does eBay have a backup plan for that? I think my seller is good, given the 100% positive feedback, but just thinking of the future and if that might ever happen. Seems like this new method is a scammers paradise.


This new payment system is a real pain, I hate waiting that long for my money. My last sale item was actually received in France before I got my money. If someone is going to do a chargeback, they can do it any time. Unfortunately, it’s a chance we all take selling there.

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Does ‘ship now’ mean it’s okay to ship or you have to ship it now? I don’t ship until funds clear but I only sell on with PayPal. Fees on the other sites are too high for me.

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Seems that this new eBay way could make it that much easier for a scammer to do a chargeback. It seems to almost invite scammers to shop at eBay and do that. Makes me nervous. And yes, waiting that long to get your money is a pain. I loved the days of PayPal. Instant payment. Seems they’ve really gone backwards. Any reason why they don’t seem to like PayPal any more?

Paypal was cutting into their profit! Ebay was great 20 years ago but now they’re out of control. I sell occasionally on Ebay and Etsy, but prefer


Ebay is not seller friendly IMO so I have not sold there in years.

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It’s been my only selling platform for my babies, but I hate how they are changing. I’ve been with them for 23 years and it’s disgusting what they are doing. Not sure how they think that making sellers wait a week, maybe more, to get their money is a move forward in the right direction. And they get their money from us right off the top as soon as the auction closes, but we have to now wait for the crumbs?? I hope someone can design a wonderful reborn selling platform. My husband would if he had the time. Maybe when he retires.

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So, just so I am clear on it, when eBay says “ship now”, it means I better ship it now because they won’t process the payment until I do?

I selected 4 business day for my shipping time when I listed the item. But I guess if they won’t process my money until I ship it, I guess what’s the point of having that shipping option? :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

I think you’re OK as far as waiting. Just print your label ahead but if you selected 4 day shipping, if it were me, I would ship within that time. It’s up to you though, if you want to wait, although the buyer might give you a bad review if you wait after the 4 days. I’m pretty sure they transfer your money whether you’ve shipped or not. I could be wrong since I’ve never waited, but I think it’s only Paypal that holds your money. Ebay and Paypal sure have changed since '98 when I started!

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This is good to know. Thank you, again! I think I’ll ship on Friday after I check my bank account again. Just so weird to blindly ship when you can’t see any transactions going on to get your money to you. I hope this new policy doesn’t last.