New Double Release! Realborn® Skya Awake and Asleep!

We have an exciting double new release!

Both Realborn® Skya Awake and Asleep have arrived! Skya is such a beautiful little girl whose Realborns are about 18.5 inches long when completed. Her asleep Realborn has the sweetest calm expression, and her awake Realborn has the cutest personality! Both versions are available now (wouldn’t they make the most adorable twins?). You can purchase both Realborns here: Search: 2 results found for "skya" - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC)*.

The real baby Skya has such an incredible story! Her mother had pregnancy complications at 20 weeks and was told by 2 different doctors that there was little to no chance that her baby would make it. Despite the odds, she made it to full term and was perfectly healthy! Hearing her mother tell her story really touched us! We feel honored to have had the opportunity to make a Realborn of this miracle baby. Skya will always hold a special place in our hearts.

To see photos of the precious real baby, here is a link to her photography session:

Both Skya Awake and Skya Asleep’s release are also featured on our home page at:

Have a wonderful day!

Bountiful Baby


What a wonderful story! :heart: I just ordered Skya Asleep; can’t wait to get started on her!


Skya is too perfect!! So in love :heart_eyes:

I really want both of these, but will have to wait until after Christmas.:weary:

Really want both of them, but got to wait until I can get I have to think what more important bills and my car or doll kits

I’m going to wait for a sale but it’s hard!

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Thanks for the note @AnnDee66! :heart: