New Crawler Brooklyn body problem

I love crawlers and love painting them. I was looking forward to painting the new crawler Brooklyn because she is bigger and chubbier than Kensie. I should have paid attention to the body details. Brooklyn’s thighs and arms are much fatter than Kensies and today I found out that they cannot fit the body that it is supposed to come with. You cannot by no way, fit a Brooklyn leg or arm into that small opening. I have called about it but so far I don’t think I am being taken seriously. I spent money of 2 Brooklyn crawler kits along with glass eyes etc and I cannot put my finished Brooklyn together because it does not fit the body it come with. Kensie is smaller than Brooklyn. By the time you try to force the leg of Brooklyn into the leg opening, it is so tight that there is no way you would be able to pose and move it up or down. I don’t know if they will get back to me or just ignore me. It is said that they always try the limbs to make sure they fit the body. Well, I think somebody just took to granted that it would fit and did not be thorough. I’d like to know if their fit, how in the heck did they get it in!! If you are thinking of buying Brooklyn, maybe wait until the body thing is dealt with or if you did buy a Brooklyn and you were actually able to get her together, let me know. I did hear back finally and they realized that the leg and arm openings are too small and going to fix the problem. I have noticed that they have reduced the price of Brooklyn and say that there are no available bodies. It would be honorable if they admitted that they don’t have bodies so people don’t buy the kit on sale expecting to be able to buy a body.


Oh thank you so much…I was almost going to buy one, but I will wait until they get the problem solved❤️

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:open_mouth: oh no!! I just bought the kit and body!

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Check the size of the top of the leg to the hole. I was told today on the phone that they check the limbs with the body before they sell them. Obviously, they didn’t and lied or else they were not paying attention. The legs of Brooklyn are huge compared to the leg size of Kensie! The arms are too big too.

Maybe ask a prototype artist how they did theirs?

It doesnt make sense that they assembled theirs and that there is an assembled blank kit picture it they dont fit at all…


Are they going to let you return that one and replace it with one that fits?

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.I wondered about that myself. I am sure that the prototype had a special body made now because it make it look a lot better than when we put ours together with the body they recommend for us to buy. The prototypes are always nicer in the pose don’t you notice? I wish they would get a better person for the phone because when I call, this person treats me like I am stupid and don’t know what I am talking about. They are very unhelpful.


I am sure that they are going to have to reproduce bodies that work.

You should check that they reduced the price of Brooklyn to half price. That makes me think that they are not going to help with the body problem and are just going to dump the kits and let people figure out the rest.


They are saying the body is out of stock, so I guess they pulled them out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maybe they sent the wrong body by accident?

No it is not that. I ordered 2 Brooklyn crawler kits and got the correct body recommended. I should have paid more attention to how fat and huge her limbs are that they would not fit the Kensie or Amelia crawler kit. There is about 3" difference in the top of the legs and arms. Somebody was not paying attention and no body checked the compatability like the gal on the phone told me to make me feel like an idiot. I do know that they have to say what they are trained to say but it is just sad today that is true in most situations of the world of what is happening. People repeat the narrative and say what they are told to say and they are lies. I do realize that information about the doll body is not as drastic and important as other issues going on in the world but it is a reflection sadly of the way things are.

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Yes I have Brooklyn asleep and found she doesn’t fit the body recommended either, and I’m stuck as I can’t order another given USPS isn’t shipping here. I’m unable to buy anything from BB now

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Does anyone know if they fixed the body i just ordered a crawler brooklyn