New Challenge Baby Poll!

You can vote for more than one.




I’d say Tanner or Paige

This other link works, so go ahead and cast your vote.

I’d like Joey because I already have the kit and I can’t afford to buy another one right now-even a cheap one.

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Thanks for doing the poll! I have no idea how to do one, so you are my idol! :grinning:

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Thanks, but I wanted it to show up here on the screen. But the link works instead. :confused:

I’m super busy until after mid July so no more challenges for me at the moment. I had suggested doing any preemie.

Dakota is a preemie. I probably won’t have time to do this next challenge either. Soooo much work to do on the house and in the yard. But then again, you never know…lol.

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I like Paige, but the I still think Celeste would be more of a challenge because her mouth just seems wrong. I honestly think Paige would be really cute with the right skin tone. Either one of those two kits will be fine for me.

Wow, a lot of you like Celeste. Keep voting and if you guys want another challenge then this helps decide.

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My husband had a cool suggestion. He said we should redo our very first kit and show before and afters, then vote for who we think has shown the most improvement since their first kit. I’m not sure it should be a poll, but it would be fun to redo our first kits and just post the two together.


That’s a great idea!

I love how my first kit came out. I wouldn’t dream of redoing it.

I’m going to be doing another Heather before long (relatively speaking) and I’ll try to get up the nerve to post my first one alongside the new one just for fun, not for a challenge.


The question is…Do you guys want to do another challenge and how long do we keep the poll going? The clear winner so far is Celeste. We probably will need a few people doing it to make it worthwhile. How long do you need to make the doll? 2, 3 or 4 months?

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I am in for the challenge, not sure how much time is needed for others, but 2 months seems good to me and as far as how long for this poll, I think it’s been up long enough to say which is the new challenge.

For what it’s worth, it seems like choosing a new sculpt like Celeste may get the most participation. For those who want a challenge and for those who would be doing her anyway, because they love her or just because she’s new. She may be very saleable when everyone is finished and it seems like a lot of gals are doing this as a business, so they wouldn’t miss a step if the new challenge baby were also a new, desirable sculpt. It’s just a thought.


How can we convince BB to put Celeste on sale… lol.


That’s what I was thinking! Maybe just for us bb members? I was not going to do Celeste, because of her mouth. I do think she is adorable… Def not an ugly baby challenge. The mouth intimidates me a bit… But if she goes on sale I’m down!:smiley:


I agree, Celeste by a landslide so let’s declare her the winner and get our kits ordered and get busy! LOL…I need at least a month from the time my kit arrives.

OR I have another thought…two thoughts in ONE DAY…somebody give me credit for this!!! LOL

We could have both Celeste AND Cooper challenges; that way people still have a choice in which kit to do. I mean, it’s not like we’re getting cash prizes or anything, right? :wink: