New Baby Scuplt

So as you all know I’m Bri (17), I love sculpting (as well as reborning). I made this little guy out of clay and been working on him for weeks and finished today just need to do more sanding . Anyway I need constructive criticism . I wont be offended. Personally I’m pretty happy with him but I though I would get all of your views. I’m hoping to send this one or another one of my sculpts to get made into vinyl . If I get enough people who are interested I will certainly get them made within the next year. I was also wondering would you buy this kit ? I know its not about making money but this just tells me how much you like it :slight_smile: Oh and his face is meant to be crooked I thought that there needed to be something unique about it


First of all, I am not a sculptor so that’s better than anything I could do. At least it looks human.

I’m just looking at it in terms of reborning, so my opinion probably means squat, but the nose needs to be fatter. Plumper? More bulbous, like a baby’s nose. Does that make sense?

There us a chart somewhere about distance between the nose and mouth and ear placement.

The eyes should be bigger, not as sunken in as they are now, so the face looks more babyish. Right now the lids look too heavy, more like an elderly person.

Maybe some of our sculptors will come along and offer their help. I just didn’t want to read and not try to help since you asked. Like I said, that’s better than anything I could do.

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Found it! Took me a while, but this is the page I was thinking about; it tells about proportions:


You are doing great!

Personally I would lessen the eye lid depth, and open the eye a bit more. And smooth out the creases a bit more. The distance between his nose and lips seem a bit wide… maybe a little bigger lips?

I know the changes are all easier said then done… lol. But I think he looks better than my last attempt, and I wasn’t brave enough to try open eyes… lol

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You are certainly on the right track, but this still has some major flaws. Your baby is still quite rough. The lids are too deep. The nose in not sufficiently defined, the lips are misformed. Are you working from good reference photos? I don’t want to discourage you, because you are definately “getting” this, but you do have to continue learning a while yet. It is premature to be thinking about vinyl. You need to talk to @izzy. She is young and has walked this road all thte way to silicone and vinyl. She can tell you tips and tweaks that would be good to learn and she is a very sweet young woman. I would not be being kind if I told you to “go for it” at this point.


I think it’s awesome that you are so young and are aggressively pursuing your dreams. Good for you! You sound like a young version of me, and if that is the case, you’ll be very successful. Hahaaa

Keep plucking away at it my dear. Study faces, watch tons of tutorials, connect with other sculptors, and practice, practice, practice. I look forward to seeing a kit from you one day! :slight_smile:

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I think its a very good start i love the eye shape and the lip expression. I think if you keep at it you will go far.

Hey, good start!!

I haven’t made a vinyl kit yet but I’ve produced in silicone and resin.

I agree with the others, the features look more like an adult. Karen posted a super helpful chart!

Keep practicing! While I don’t think you’re ready to produce anything yet I think you can get there with time!


I think you have done an amazing job!! I can imagine this as an elf with pointy ears that stick out from his head a bit. Good job!


Yes thanks for you advise everyone .I havent even been sculpting a year so I think I need more practise I think the next one I make I should look at a reference. That might make it easier. @kareninflorida. Yes I defiantly agree his nose and lips seem a bit wide. @jlesser Thanks @honojane Yes I agree eyes are too small :slight_smile: @DearBaby . Yes this is certainly my dream to become a reborn scupltor @DollyPardon Thanks @crystal_s Thanks @izzy and I love your work Hhahaha yeah @Susansvs


You’ll get there! :slight_smile:

The lines around his mouth are too deep, the space between lip and nose too big, the lips need to be more plump, and as others said the eyes are set too deep. I would also make the eyes bigger, lot bigger, babies have big eyes.

Everyone has given you excellent advice, don’t get discouraged, keep up the practice and one of these days a “baby” will emerge that will blow you out of the water!! Keep going, you are showing talent.