New baby on e-bay

Well we have a new lil one on e-bay auction #130445462561 would love to have you take a peek at our newest baby

He is so cute! What an incredibly imaginative concept!

Best of luck on his auction,

Carmen M.

WOW That is so kool!!! Great job!!! here is the link … 3D1&_rdc=1

Thank you Trapple-I didnt know how to do that !!!

Haha!! I saw that listing but I had no idea it was you who was behind it! Yeah, I think Huti babies look like aliens, too! LOL

— Begin quote from “DebiC”

ps I think my son is from Ravinosis lol his idea of heaven is a quickymart and he spends his day searching for food.
pps I loved the can of spam.

I hope little Arnie soars for you.

— End quote

It really can be astonishing how much some boys can eat. I remember as a little girl marveling at the quantities of food our same age neighbor boys could eat.

I loved your auction Cher. He is soooo cute. You did a great job on him. My husband walked in while I was looking at the auction and commented on what a cute baby and clever idea.

Thank you everyone !!! Stef and I really had fun doing this one and feel that this is all part of reborning - getting to let your creative juices flow -its amazing what the two of us can come up with -Hubby calls us Lucy and Ethel LOL!!! As for those Teen boys -I say FEED them -if their to stuffed to move they get into less trouble!!!LOL

Cher he is absolutely a wonderful alien baby and I love his little pet too! You are one CREATIVE lady for sure! I especially liked the story and how between the story and the pictures this little one and his friend pulls at the heartstrings!
Now…lets hope someone BUYS him! Best of luck on the time remaining. A great job you did!

Awww Thanks sooo much Joy we kinda have grown very fond of the lil Guy and it was sooooo much fun creating his auction -we give a special story for each of our babies -Stef and I seem to have WAY over active imaganations!!!LOL

He is adorable! And you are two creative ladies!!! Wow it must have taken awhile to get that auction ready! Best of luck, I hope he bring’s you a big sale!!!

Wow, you are so talented! : ) I love him!

Thank you everyone !! Our baby sold on e-bay for 360.00- We are sad to see him go!

I saw this baby and was so impressed with your creativity and wonderful imagination. That was such an impressive presentation that you did and I loved the baby!!!