New baby I just finished..Scarlet as a boy..he's a keeper

My little guy needs a name…need suggestions!


Awe. So cute! I love this! Is it B.B. Scarlet?

Yes it is…I don’t know why the pics are sideways

@LillyBellesBabies in paint when you resize, do it by pixel. 2000 pixels is the max. You can also rotate there if needed

This is 2000 x 1500 pixels and then flipped 90° to the right

Same with this one


Yes I did both ways it just did not stick :smile: and my help is no longer needed so I just deleted mine.

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He is a Cutie!!!

Aww! He is so sweet

Marco, William, Holden, or Kasper

He is so cute!

Colton,Corbin,Cody,Cubby, Mathew , Morgan , and Christopher .