New 4 Month "Grumpy" Sage, reborn by Lena Smith!

Good evening,

Our newest Grumpy Sage prototype, reborn by Lena Smith, is on eBay now! Sage’s grumpy little face and chubby cheeks are the most adorable thing! Lena has done a magnificent job with this stunning prototype. You can view her auction here: Her auction is one to watch!

Her auction is also featured on our homepage at:

Grumpy Sage is expected to be released sometime this summer! You can find the link to sign up for her release here: We are so excited for her!

We also have an adorable video of real baby Sage, found here: Sage is the little sister of Realborns Emmy, Joseph, Darren, and Canon.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Bountiful Baby


Grumpy is my favorite Sage🥰

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Love the hair!

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I love the hair too!

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