Never say never

Never say never right?

I don’t want to learn vinyl. I don’t like the way it feels in comparison to silicone. I don’t want the nightmare of making a nice looking bald head, painting hair, or rooting a stiff material like vinyl. NONE of reborning vinyl appeals to me.

And then there was Maeve by Joanna Kazmierczak. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I got two choices here. Get her when she is released and learn to paint vinyl or get her and create a silicone with her. Clearly I only actually have one option. :grin::flushed: I’m going to paint her. (I saw a video recently showing how to make a mold from a vinyl kit claiming that if you don’t sell it, it’s OK to do that. :roll_eyes::rage::rage:)

Since she isn’t for sale yet, I got a $25 blank Fawna to paint first.

This should be interesting. I’m not starting into vinyl until the 4 silicone ones I have are complete. Yes…I bought more. I knew this was going to be an addiction. I just knew it.

“I’ll just put on new hair.” she said.
“I’m just gonna patch the holes in the head for hair.” she said.
“A little color on the head might be nice.” she said.
“It’ll look funny without the limbs painted too.” she said.
“Look at all the science stuff with silicone!” she said.
Yeah… fixing AD hair is a gateway. Js.


You can do this!! Especially now with all of the YouTube tutorials available you can totally do this and once you start you won’t want to stop!


I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Vinyl kits are so much cheaper. My wallet is sitting in the corner begging for its life right now.


You will become one of us! You will be find and I think you’ll love it! I just found a new love for full body babies! I am working on an Angel. I made a beautiful hormone line I’m proud of!


What’s a hormone line?



I don’t think any of my kids had that. Now I’m off to search up what causes it. Lol!!

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Linea nigra I guess is official name of it


Seems to be mixed children. I think it’ll look great no matter how I make the baby though. I have no actual thoughts on her, but just to paint!

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That would be why mine didn’t have it. Coolness!

I just thought to randomly add it. We will see once I slap paint on her, how it’ll be!

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I forgot about that name. Also casually called a Happy Trail.

I used to have one but now have a surgical scar there instead.

Don’t most people have this? Maybe just more noticeable on darker skin.

I think happy trail is hair?


I have been wondering about the full body babies! Please share when u can! I’m speaking of vinyl. I don’t ever expect to afford silicone.

I think you know this because of your emojis, but it is not ok to make a silicone from a vinyl kit. Even if it is just for personal use, it is still not ok.


? That could be too!

I ran across the video this morning and found it so ridiculous. Why is it still on YouTube? For real? That’s theft and no one cares. It irritated me. Thus the sarcasm. Big ooof…

I was trying to figure out how to make fairy wings from silicone and it came up.

I agree it is not ok but someone on YouTube asked the Company if it was ok for her to do that and the company said it was ok as long as was for personal use. So always ask first.

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I caught that part but it bothers me. I feel like it encourages people to do bad things.