Nevaeh, tried something different

Tried something new, she turned out so pretty.what do you you all think? Changes? tips?



Thank you,i usually go heavier on the blushing,and i shaded more places with the blue.all in all lighter all over.i like it😊


Beautiful baby

Thank you,im keeping her.:wink:

so pretty :slight_smile:

She’s very very pretty. This kit has really hard features if that makes sense, and the color palette you used really softens her look quite a bit. Great Job!!

HEAVEN iS NEVAEH spelt backwards yiou guys lol


She’s adorable!

Aww thank you.i agree on that. I made the set last year(twins) and just wasn’t feeling it.this time though i went a different route.

Lol i know,i had to spell it backwards :wink:

Thank you

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Thank you,i wanted her to be softer, lighter.

Me too!

Ji think she looks perfect! So pretty!

Thank you so much

A little off topic, but there’s a wine shop here in town that’s called Enoteca-acetone spelled backwards. I noticed it right away. I think it’s hilarious, but it is creative.

I love it! She does look so soft and pretty :star2:

That name seems a little dubious for a wine shop - who wants acetone in their wine??:grin:

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Nevaeh is lovely!

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