Nervous about ruining her hair

My toddler has long rooted hair that took me forever and even though I made her to cuddle and dress, I’m scared to even touch her most of the time because I’m worried that I will ruin it. It does shed a bit, so I think that might be making me worry too. Should I be worried or should I just enjoy her? I suppose if her hair does fall out, it can be rerooted or I could put a wig on her.

I am assuming you used human hair, and regardless of human hair or mohair, there is expected shedding. Did you thoroughly glue the inside of the head? I know it is hard to get a good view but it is better to glue a bit too much than not enough. And it has to dry thoroughly. Personally, I like Mod Podge Hard Coat. A thin coat dries quickly compared to other glues I have used, it is odorless and although it is for hard surfaces, the vinyl does not turn into a rock. Maybe you want to give the inside of the head another coverage, let it dry and then using a wider tooth comb, gently give her a comb out. Having the head off to re-glue gives you the chance to give the hair a once over and see if you want to add additional rooting before gluing. I know it is frustrating, but you want to be able to enjoy your work. And remember to enjoy her as art and keep the hair-play to a minimum.


The longer the hair, the easier it’ll pull out, unfortunately. You can reroot, but you can’t do that over and over or the vinyl would become too weak.
You could just enjoy her for now and maybe add a wig later on?

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Thanks guys. If it does fall out a wig will work. I think I’m stressing over nothing because her hair is glued well.

That’s great to be able to check that off as a “gotta do”. I have to think then that you are just experiencing shedding. There are two premium human hair sellers on ebay and I have purchased from them for years. I still have hair loss as I am rooting, but I root VERY thickly. You might want to give their hair a try; I need at least a good full 3 ounces of hair and usually dip into my stockpile for more with those toddler heads.
fixitguruluver and hair4sell. Don’t get in a bidding war as sometimes seasoned buyer will snag the hair in the last split second. Google search for a sniping tool that will be compatible with ebay and the sniping program will get your bid in for you. Hair4sell has some hair without bids that ends in 2 hours, for anyone that wants to check it out.

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I used hair from my sister in law’s salon. It’s clean and healthy hair. I told her what I can use and she gets it for me when she can. I hope it’s just shedding but the way I see it is I collect these dolls for my anxiety and I like to cuddle them and stuff, so I shouldn’t worry. I knew the risks of owning a doll with real hair before I started her lol. Thank you so much for the advice!

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A little picture of the toddler!


Does anyone know of a product that I can use to make her hair less dry that won’t mess her up?
@Bon @EnchantedOrphanage ?

I like Infusium original leave in conditioner. I put it in a spray bottle and mix it 50/50 with water. I cut it with the water because we don’t wash doll’s hair regularly like humans and I don’t want a lot of build up. Spray on hair, style and let air dry.


Thank you!

The only infusium products I can find are these…

Are either of these the right one?

I have used the one in the silver bottle but some reviewers do not like it.

This is the original formula. I used to buy it at Walmart when I was able to root. I have not gotten it in a while so not sure if they still sell it or not.
You will just need a little spray bottle to pour it in for your mix.

@anjsmiles I found some but it’s like $60 for a bottle in Canada. Is there an alternative?

I use this, diluted with water in a finger spray bottle.

I should definitely note though, I have never used human hair on my dolls. I can’t imagine it would make a huge amount of difference, but I am mentioning it just in case.

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Do you know if this will moisturize the hair too? Or just detangle?

Wow that is outrageous! Is it that pricey for you to order it from Amazon too?

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Yep! Prices can get pretty crazy here. This is like the only options for it on Amazon that I can find. Everything else that comes up is not the right thing and also just as expensive…

I honestly don’t know. Maybe somebody else will come along who does though.

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I have an idea of a product that might work but I’d like to test it first before recommending it. I have some dry human hair here (not rooted) that I’ll try it on and let you know the results.

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Thank you!