Need Tiffany Blick COA ASAP

Does anyone have an extra COAs for Tiffany Blick- I bought two kits that did not have them- I personally don’t care, but I have a buyer that says I did not send one and need to make her happy- HELP

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I will email my friend right now I’m almost positive she has one for her. I was just telling someone on the forum how I always forget to send the coas with my finished babies. I have like 5 coas that I never sent with the babies. I don’t think most people care about the coas. Unless there baby’ collectors or people like us who buy kits. I will get back to you asap :slight_smile:


Oh that’s awesome thank you!

Please disregard, thought I had one too : (

Depending on the kit I sometimes won’t buy one without a COA…like Fridolin. It’s scary to think someone could just get a COA and place it with a Chinese copy of Fridolin. Seeing how expensive she is that would be heartbreaking.

Okay thanks guys, I am at work, but will pm you later, appreciate it!

Haven’t heard back from her yet. I did send her a email this morning. :slight_smile: