Need some info on a kit

Does anybody know if the Enchanted Kreatures Pickles chihuahua kits have solid or hollow limbs and tail please? Any pictures showing them? All the ones I can find only show the kits assembled. Thanks!

The kits are hollow. The vinyl is soft and easy to root. The ears are hollow so when you root them, the hair can be glued. The tiny limbs and tail are hard to hold onto while rooting. I found they were easier to root when I attached them to the body. As for eyes, they insert easily from the front when the vinyl is heated. I highly recommend these kits. They are beautifully detailed and super sweet. I did a laying prototype and now I’ve ordered a sitting version as well as another laying version. The only problem I have with these kits is that they are way too cute and I don’t know how I’ll ever get the nerve to sell any of them. I want to keep them all. :wink:

Here is the blank kit with Hans, another EKK kit. I have a few other blank Pickles pics. But the other pics also have other EKK kits that haven’t been revealed yet.


A big difference in Pickles and Hans is that Hans’ limbs attach to a cloth body that goes under his torso. Pickles’ limbs attach directly to the vinyl toros. No cloth body is needed. Oh, and although tiny, both kits seem to have extremely sturdy flanges. They are very well made kits.


You made me do it, toooo much cuteness, I just went and bought the laying kit :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Thank you, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. I have got to get these kits! Yours is adorable :heart_eyes:

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