Need ideas on how to assembel Ping Lau toddler!

I’m finishing a Ping Lau toddler and having trouble getting the vinyl upper torso to stay attached to the cloth lower portion. I can’t get the string tight enough to hold and I can’t find narrow zip ties long enough to use. Anyone with experience doing this that could let me know how you did it? Anyone with ideas?

I found this…

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I read through some posts like this and one person, I forgot who, said that they used two zipties zipped togther


I used two zip ties on Gabriella Schick also.

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Thank you all so much! I’ll try putting two zip ties together and see how that does. Her body looks like the one in the Angelica video. Hope it works!


Is it one of those upper torsos that need to be zip tied to a lower body? I also used two zip ties on my Aloënka.

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Thank you again. She’s finally together with two small zip ties together. Love how she looks but that cloth body is sort of a challenge to attach in more ways than one! Anyway, here’s a photo of my first toddler!


She’s cute! She will be fun shopping for.


She’s very cute. Toddlers are challenging to assemble, especially if they have armature.