Need help identifying reborn kit!

Please help me identify this little beauty!! I need this kit and I found this picture on instagram. I commented on the pic and asked what kit it was but I am not sure if the artist is going to respond so I figured I would come to you gals! :smiley:


Don’t know who she is but she is adorable.

Oh lord,she is precious,wish I had her too.


This is Lindea by Gudrun Legler! :slight_smile:


I FOUND IT!!! Lindea by Gudrun Legl… I was checking out other artists work of her and I think she definitely looks best with those big Brown eyes! I know what my next reborn will be :smiley:


I was going to guess a Legler baby but don’t know their names.

Oh wow. Shes really cute!

I love Gudrun Legler’s babies. They’re just so delicate and sweet. Have you seen her newest one Noa? It’s a pre-order now at Dolls By Sandie.

Oh my goodness what a little angel!!!