Need help finding a preemie sculpt

I am trying to make a baby for my friend who lost a baby several years ago. I need a preemie size, closed eye sculpt that looks very similar to his sister’s newborn pic. If anyone can help me choose one, I would appreciate it.

I think the face resembles Caleb.

Maybe Megan

I agree with Pia and Mel. Looks like Caleb to me too.

I agree.The closest I can find is Caleb. I just ordered him. I hope they don’t put him on sale tomorrow…lol.

I looked at that one and thought about it. I think Caleb, even though not perfect, is better suited. Thanks for the suggestion.

Should I open the nose on a preemie or just shade it?

I always shade noses. Haven’t opened any yet!

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Me too, and I think the shaded ones look much more natural than those opened ones I have seen.

I knew it. The minute I buy caleb full price, they put him on sale a few days later. Oh well.

Now, you can buy more! :wink: