Need help deciding to wig or to root?

Ok so I am working on my first toddler from the Tibby kit.
I had hoped to have her finished for Christmas but did not quite make it.
I have bought a nice new wig One of the ones from Masterpiece dolls.
It looks like alot of hair to me for a toddler so I am debating if I should use the wig or spend hours rooting that big head.
I am a slow rooter, I have fibromyalgia so i can’t do big marathon rooting.

I do have some human hair here but i have never tried rooting with it yet.
Is it worth the time spent rooting sale price wise ?

Thanks in advance

It depends on your customers if they are willing to pay for the rooting, personally…I prefer rooting over a wig or painted hair but that would be sooo much time and that would certainly rise the price up

You might be able to thin the hair on the wig with thinning scissors. It took me a week of working many hours a day to root my Tibby and I don’t have fibromyalgia. Maybe you can find a wig that doesn’t have such thick hair.

I think that is what I am going to try and do thin the wig out some.
I bought one of the razor combs from bb when I ordered Laila and Dominic
See how that looks.
Thank you for the input ladies.

If you use the razor comb do it on the underneath layers so it doesn’t get frizzy.

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