Need eye help fast

I just got my order and bought the polymer 16mm eyes, but the ones I got in the mail look just like the BB eyes I normally buy. Does anyone have the polymer eyes and can post pics of the front and back or can tell me the difference? I guess I was expecting a more solid eye. I have worked with polymer and this does not resemble it at all.

Polymer eyes are the plastic type ones that BB sells, Eyeco, Masterpiece etc.
They are not like clay if that is what you were thinking.

Yes, these are the eyco polyglass eyes, I gues I was expecting them to have something to differentiate them from the BB eyes.

I guess also the fact they are pictured in a case with the following statement:
Perfect for Reborn Baby Dolls as well as Polymer Clay Sculpts!

For your sculpts, the eye is bakeable to 275F and is shatterproof. Look for the Eyeco Doublenotch Above the Rest signature on the back.

And mine came in a baggie with nothing other then the item number and nothing with a signature threw me off too. Unless the “signature” it the 2 little notches in the back of the eye… I guess that makes sense…

You can bake them though up to that temperature and they will not melt.

Ok, thanks Angie!