Need advice from the experts 😀

ok…Im new at this. Ive only done 2 dolls so far. This is the first one ive done and I decided to give hair a try lol. This is prisma pencil only. Any advice ?

A closer photo would be good really can’t see the prisma at that distance.

Not an “expert” but I am working my way around hair painting. Prisma is cool and its easy for learning but it sure is difficult to get it to stick to the vinyl while you are drying. I mostly use it to set up my lines I want to paint later and for fine baby hairs. Looks like you are off to a good start. My only advice would be to try to steer away from straight lines, you don’t need to squiggle but make them curvy and don’t be afraid to take lighter strokes down the sides and on that forehead, super light you want hair to transition not just stop.

On this baby I didn’t bring in enough baby hairs and she looks like she has bangs, it isn’t bad but I think a few more fine hairs from hair to no hair would have been better


This is a prisma pencil hair baby I did a while back before I got brave and started painting. Its light and scratchy. It looks ok for that find just a bit of hair look but I later went in and added some texture with paint and combi-rooted. I don’t have the after photo only the before.

Here is a similar baby that I penciled, painted and added just a tiny bit of hair on top.


Thank you sooooo much for the advice!! I will take it to heart :heart:. I love your painted and and that last pic of the combo…OMG!! Beautiful!! I want to eventually learn to paint and root. So any help I can get from people like yourself I truly appreciate.


I HAVE to varnish first. I use a car wash sponge to pounce on the varnish. Then I can write well with prisma.

Sometimes I use thinner to smear the layer then add more pencil on top (this is an older baby … before I started trimming the lashes right :wink: )

This is one with just pencil

Sometimes I use tinted varnish brushed on over prisma

Sometimes I use multiple colors of prisma

Last one I did has multiple brown prisma and I also did some strokes of paint on top but still didn’t have the right consistency for painted hair so it didn’t turn out like I thought it would.
(also finally a better camera :wink: LOL)


They are all very nicely dont. Thank you so much. I will try mixing in some painted strokes. :heart::smiley:

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You have a good start. If you want very realistic prisma drawn hair, you need to be sure that you have a very sharp point and the lines are very fine. If you look at real hair, it’s very fine - not thick and chunky looking. To get a thicker look, you would do many layers to build it up. Keep at it, it just takes lots of practice.

Here’s my Levi that I did where you can see that the lines are not thick, but thin.


Hes gorgeous. Thank you SO much, I will definitely take your advice on my next one :heart::heart::heart:

It looks like you are off to a good start. I am not an expert and I use paint not Prisma, but I try to use a very light touch with only a little paint on my brush when doing the hair line up front. I would think it would be the same for Prisma. Here are a few pictures. I think making the hair wispy around the hairline makes it look more real. I still have a long way to go, but I am getting better.


Thank you so much, your painted hair is beautiful. I appreciate the advice. Cant wait to do anothrr one with all the advice ive gotten here.

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I started prisma on this guy and might want to do combo hair or root over it. Dont know, need to varnish and do some more layers.


Beautiful with just that wispy barely there look.


love that last one, I could never get the pencil to work for me like that, you have the magic touch.

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That is beautiful just the way it is. I can never stop, I just go into a hair coma and wake up with a baby that sometimes has more hair than I wanted. I love this look and hit little wet nose!

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