Na'vi inspired Joseph WIP


@Reefbubbles @Anne @marrabo Thank you, Ladies. May be so, because he is not what I had in mind. But he is cool in his own way. :yum:
No one tells me if he needs stars under his eyes though :slight_smile:

And more I stare at his pictures (at work :slight_smile: ) more I want to take some of the constellations off. My only stopper that I’ll create such a big white mess, that it would be really hard to clean his up after that. So I better not to touch it tonight and bake him as it is.


I don’t think he needs it, but if you decide to paint stars under his eyes, I would make them tiny, not so big. I would not take anything off, I think he looks awesome! :heart_eyes:

Did you have avatar reborns in mind as inspiration or the real avatars?


He is beautiful as he is, don’t think he needs stars under his eyes. Follow your own feeling and I’m sure he will be gorgeous !


I wanted a healthy middle between movie avatars and the artsy style of pictured below which belong to Vicki @ladyavtr


I guess I can always try to sell this one and start with another one and see how it goes the second time :slight_smile: .


HE IS PERFECT!!! Like the others have said- you are underestimating yourself. I know he’s been a pain for you but that’s how babies come about, right? :slight_smile: I love the little blue dimples.


I agree with everything @Amethystjust said!


@YelenaRey cute eyes maybe use yellowish green.


@Anne thank you Annette, yellowish green it exactly what I had in mind.

I found these on Irresistibles



And this one on BB:



I like all of them, lol! Great choices!


There are tons of really cool yellow eyes on etsy.


You have me wanting to do an Avatar baby now. Lol. Or just buy yours! You are so talented!


I am about to root some hair on my AVI, you were right it took a long time to make this baby, I thought it would be a quick project because I did a little baby, acrylic paint (my first time) and I was just going to wing it and have fun.

That was challenging.

It isn’t the baby I envisioned but I am actually much happier with it than I was in the middle of the project, almost gave up.

I put way too many dots on it…

I am totally going to make another one because I learned a lot and I totally had fun even when I ran into trouble.

I am working on a tail (?) it is an experiment, not sure it will work.

I did tape it and if I can get it edit it and it isn’t too embarrassing I will put it on you tube.

Anyone else making an AVI, things I learned:

Acrylic is harder than it seems it will be (bless you air dry ladies)

Shade with powders if you have them, shading with acrylic is tricky

Less is more

Lighter is better

Ears are hard if you don’t have to, just don’t it will save your sanity

Dots…they seem like a small thing but you need to think them out before

This is way too much fun, way too much!

I will post photos when it is done.

Oh… and what do you dress an AVI in? I don’t want to pull out the sewing machine. Is it cool to just do a diaper and white T?

Yelena, thanks again for getting me motivated, I really needed this project.


Glad you enjoyed the experience. @Gabriell Now let’s see him!!


I want to see too @Gabriell! Lol.

I was actually motivated myself. I have a Petunia kit that I stripped and use for pattern making purposes. Due to not being able to get the darker paint off when I stripped her, she didn’t look right painted so she was unfinished. Last night after reading all these post, I decided to maker her a Avi baby! I had already painted her like I would normally paint a baby, but added some green. It’s actually covering the areas that were flawed from stripping. Being she’s small, it’s like practice for a bigger one and not so many dots! Lol.
Painting her will let me know if I’m up to the challenge of painting a bigger one.
It’s hard to see her coloring so far, but next to a tummy plate for a regular baby, you can see the green starting to show up.


She’s a little cutie! She’ll make a great avatar!


Thank you! I love Petunia. I want to get a new kit one day and paint her like my vision. I just love the fairy babies! I love the avatar babies too. She can be a Avi baby for an Avi baby. Lol.


@Gabriell LOL In the beginning i was thinking I am reading my own email about my straggling.
I am dying to see yours! I think white onesie is the best as blue really pops with it.
Foa a tail I bough yarn with different shades if blue and will crochet it in a long tube/ circular pattern.
I am planning to glue one magnet inside of his cloth body and another magnet inside of the tail.
I couldn’t find avatar eyes on Etsy, maybe I don’t know how to search for them correctly.

But I definitely will order more supply (I think that right colors and powders will make the process so much easier) and will try again in a future.

Can you PM me your Avi sneak-peek, please.


I love that idea :slight_smile:


Adorable, you can yellow eyes on Etsy!

Can’t wait to see here done!


Tomorrow if tail cures, rooting a little Mohawk tonight if I have time.