Na'vi inspired Joseph WIP


@Gabriell Claries Cuties


Can it be me? I would love to have one of your babies!!


I have hit a wall with the ears sticking the vinyl keeps rejecting the adhesives but I am not giving up. She is way more "blue than I intended but the good news is the primer is holding it on! so no stripping and going backwards, just having fun. Legs and arms done, head is still not cooperating. I have an idea for the tail not sure it will work but it will be fun to play.

Lucky for me I have two babies so if one fails I can try again.


I don’t know what I am doing and why I am doing celestial stars in constellations (may be because I want them to be glowing at the dark later, after the final varnish), but one leg is done.

I can even see a slight turquoise hue around the stripes if I look really hard :rofl:.


Oh. My. Goodness!!! You are soooo underestimating you avi baby! This is looking phenomenal!


Looking really good !


@Reefbubbles @marrabo So. Much. Tedious. Work! Never again! :smile:


Do you need some sort of “rod” as an anchor for the ears?


That is turning out beautiful, thats it my avi is going in the garbage!

Seriously, just beatuiful what a great job! You are killin it mama!


Nope… I think there might be a moisture issue or I just need to find another adhesive. I have been drying it outdoors and it has been super wet and rainy (its in a dry place outside but…)

I made ears out of epoxy putty, not the best choice but it is what I had on hand.

I have two of the same baby, if the ears don’t work out I will just use the other head.


@Gabriell Thank you! I think I’ve got carried away a little bit with the stars/dots, but I don’t want to spend any time and effort to remove some as it leaves white discoloration under them. Or maybe I feel that way because I look at all 4 limb hanging together. But it’s ok as this baby Avi will be special ‘the enlightened one’ as I’ll star his forehead with ‘enlightened’ symbol, recommended by my friend from India. I initially wanted to have the shape of lotos, but she talked me out of it.
Hope I’ll finish his head before Game of Thrones! Last episode! I am excited and sad as it comes to the end! And so disappointed in G. Martin that he never finished his book :frowning:


@YelenaRey That is one beautiful leg! I love your thought process with the dots, so creative. I knew you were making an awesome baby. And I know that @Gabriell is making a beautiful baby too. Can’t wait to see them finished!


@Anne Annette, thank you so much for your kind words! I truly feel like you giving me too much credit. You didn’t see the whole baby yet. He is nothing what I had in mind, and everytime when I add something I feel like I am overdoing it. Oh well, it’s a bumpy ride…
Plus I also need to root a mohawk for him, will see how that go.


Mohawks are my favorite. :+1:


I need opinions, please. All avatars that I saw has stars on their cheeks under their eyes, I feel like my ‘enlightened’ baby already looks like Cirque du Soleil character - cool, but weird. Do you think he needs stars under his eyes? I am leaning toward No, but need the second set of eyes. Thank you!


All Avatars are different so you can add them if you want but my goodness isn’t he cute!!!


Just curious but were you happy with the GOT ending?


No, not happy at all! Very disappointed. I demand alternative ending!


He is cuter as an avi than realistic painting,wow. I personally am loving his star patterns. I truly believe if this was not your baby with its many birth pangs :rofl:. And you came across him from another artist you would absolutely love him!


I think he is beautiful as he is and you are over thinking it , you are your own worse critic