Na'vi inspired Joseph WIP


Hi @Bec1273 Rebecca and @anjsmiles Angie , thank you so much for your advice. I tried it and it worked better than any countless thing washes. How long it will take to dry before baking? I am afraid to touch it now and smear the paint. Probably will leave it for the whole night. And did you bake it longer with thicker paint coat?
Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with me!


I also discovered this two colors on BB site today. They are exactly what I was initially wanted to achieve.
Too late now :smirk:. I guess my little Avi chose the color what he is now for himself.



Those are nice colours!


If you want an avatar blue I wouldn’t go in such thin layers. Try going deeper. Right now I think you could do flesh layers, pinks and get a great human baby but if you want that “blue” I would get brave with the color. Make your own color using white, blue, a little red a touch of green until you get the color you want then thin it with thinners and thinning medium until it is thicker than milk. Don’t do tea washes. It shouldn’t be totally transparent, it should have opacity. Then pounce that color on with a round cosmetic sponge. You might have to do some layers but not as many as you are doing now. The dreaded babyclon avatars are airbrushed, to get that affect you will have to do a lot of even pouncing. He is going to look very blue but do a lighter blue so you can shade with a darker blue like you would normally crease a baby.

Ok this is making me itchy to do an avatar baby! I don’t do alternatives usually but… those avatars are so cute. You can get the avatar eyes on Etsy.

Play, have fun, you might create something you never expected.

Oh and someone commented on this forum about how to make a silicone tail using a long thin balloon, work a try?


Thank you @Gabriell. That was my mistake, I was trying to achieve the color with thing washes.
This is how he looks now after 27 layers from the beginning and 10 layers after strpping. I am not happy with his color as it looks kind of ‘dirty’ to me, most likely from so many layers, and I did add white to blue and turquoise colors to lighten him up already. I will start add stripes tonight and maybe it will change how I feel.
I also looked at lots of movie images and movies avatars are not bright blue there either. They are only bright blue were they are color enhanced on the photos. So I might eventually get somewhere.


I think you’ll notice a big difference when you add the details. Can’t wait to see!


He’s looking great! When I baked thicker layers I had problems with paint rubbing off onto the towel I keep on the bottom of my oven, and even getting stuck to the towel if I put it in the oven too soon after painting. Be sure to prop it up carefully so it doesn’t fall over and smudge the paint.


He is looking good! I would recommend since you are now doing thick layers, instead of color correcting, only use the exact finished color you would like home to be. Even if you have to hit pause and order something.


@Reefbubbles Thank you, but no, thank you :).
May be with the next one, if I’ll ever have a desire to paint an avatar baby again (probably not, but never say never). I will not put any more colors on him except shadings and stripes.

I’ll try to paint a ghost baby, but after that my experiments with alternatives will come to an end :slight_smile:

I will order those colors with my next order just to have them as I think they would be nice as mottling layers.


I use pthlalo green as a mottle layer and it’s great but it can be strong so use it very thin. I used it on Tinky but don’t have a super clear picture


@MilosMeadows Thank you. I knew it will be handy somewhere :slight_smile:


I also use it for veins. I don’t use vein premixed, I use ultramarine and the phthalo green, sometimes a little white. It’s helpful but I don’t use a ton of it. I have the same small jar I bought from bb 5 years ago


I feel your pain, some times you have to know when to say when, he will be a cutie pie either way!


I think the color is perfect and the top painting will make it even more perfect, you also inspired me to make one. I have an older kit that is collecting dust that I may try this with, I love the silicone avatar babies (but have a hate on for babyclon) . My little and I watched the movie last night (my fifth time) and I got even more inspired. Not sure I will have the patience you did~

Thanks for the inspiration and can’t wait to see her all done.


@Gabriell Oh, how fun! Can’t wait to see yours!!!

I started to add stripes and will go over them the 2nd time again today to make the color more even. Then will take the pictures. He looks like blue tiger now :joy:.
I have a special design in mind for his forehead in celestial stars, but will see how that will go. So far all my visions and ideas how this baby should look went out of the window.
All what I can tell it’s hard to paint with Genesis in the thick layers. It becomes so crusty. All those avatars babies that I admire so much probably was painted with acrylics. It will be the most time consuming baby for me.
Good luck with yours! I am sure it will be perfect! If you don’t mind, please share your wisdom as you go. :kissing_heart:


@YelenaRey Your Avatar baby is perfect! Love his color.
@Gabriell can’t wait to see yours!!


I think I am learning from you !

Can’t wait to see it done, some things are worth all the work even if it isn’t what you imagined it would be.


Your base color looks exactly like this beautiful avi, you are right on track!


@Reefbubbles Thank you! That Avi is beautiful. Mine looks like a blue tiger. But it’s ok. He is my baby.

@Gabriell Gina, if you will do yours, here is another lesson that I learned from my mistakes. I tried strategically places stripes in the screases, so they will not compete or will not be too much, but turned out that those creases that I emphasised separately look so much better.

Also my experiment with acrylic pastels worked (sort of), I varnished it and will bake soon, The varnish didn’t lift all the powders, that was my concern that I will wipe all of it off. I still see turquoise hue around the strips, at least up close. Not sure if it will show in the pictures.


I was wondering about using powders over acrylic for shading in blue, can’t wait to see it finished.

I am going to try and You Tube my process, if it works I will share, if not I may give mine to someone I don’t like for Christmas (smile).

@reefbubbles, who did that baby? I love him, perfection.