Natalia goes to work

My coworkers on my job that I have had 6 mos now have mentioned they would like to see one of my dolls. I work part time for a chiropractor and on Tuesday mornings we file insurance and such so we don’t see patients till the afternoon. Just the massage therapist has her clients coming in. So since it is a laid back day today I took Natalia with me.

When I got there one lady I work with was already there. She was the one who had asked to see her. She is 72 years old and still works part time. She was very impressed and said she and her hair looked so real. After she held her a minute I set her up on the counter in my office.

I was out in the front office doing some work when the massage therapist came in later. I had forgotten about Natalia being in the middle office until I heard this lady gasp “OMG, that baby totally freaked me out!” She said she had come in to work in a bad mood, near tears because she had a fight with her parents that had left her very upset. She said that seeing the doll was just what she needed to jolt her into a happy mood. She was laughing at how real the baby looked and how she was freaked out that someone left a baby on the counter, just sitting up sucking a pacifier. Several times between her clients she came back and held the baby and even showed her to one man who was blown away. He is a local coach at the high school where my kids attend and he said I was crazy but then went on about how amazing he thought the baby is.

Next came in the girl who works the afternoon shift on Tuesdays just before I am getting ready to leave. The baby is still on the counter in the middle office and she has the same reaction as the massage therapist. She too was having a bad day and had been crying so once again the baby brought a minute of joy and lightheartedness to everyone’s day.

It was a nice feeling to cheer co-workers up and I was really glad I had brought her. Also the massage therapist is asking questions about getting a custom baby in the future to look like one of her sons so maybe I will get a sale down the road.

Natalia is back in the crib now, still waiting to be adopted.

Cute story glad you could brighten people’s day!! Beautiful baby in siggy do not know if that is her but gorgeous!!!

What a fun day you and your little girl had…I love making people smile with my babies!