My Wish List

I love this site and am happy to be a part of this amazing forum. I don’t know how it would work, but I would like to possible see a sale on the genesis heat set paint sets. I know they sell the 9 paints in small and petite, but sometimes I don’t have the extra money. It would be nice to win a set of them in flesh tones and others or even have a sale on them. I have a few Bountiful Baby kits still in the plastic that are awaiting paints.


I don’t recall ever seeing a sale on paint sets, but it could happen, I guess.
They’ve never done a contest or anything where you could win paints, though. You’re better off just buying them. Those small jars go a very long way. You can easily paint lots of kits with them.

You could also check to see if anyone is selling any, on here or FB, maybe eBay as well.

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