My very successful doll show

I was a vendor at a doll show yesterday. I hadn’t done one in a long time. 10 minutes in, someone saw my Sebastion (Oscar by Sabine Hansen who has been waiting literally for years for his mommy). She was instantly crazy about him and he finally has his mommy. She wanted another one but her husband was with her and he said ‘only one.’ She was so excited. It was really fun to watch.
A couple of hours later I sold little Charlie (Rio by Debbie de Graaf). She is going to use him in a pro life event at her church.
The biggest hit of the day was Precious Gift. Every single person that stopped at my table, both male and female, commented on how real she looks. Nobody bought her, though. Go figure. I’ll be putting her on today.
This morning I got a call from the woman who bought Sebastian. She wanted to know if I had sold the one with the open eyes (Dimitri by Adrie Stoete but I made mine a girl). She also was up for sale for ages. I told her she was still available and she bought her.
I also had multiple people interested in customs and portrait babies who took my business card so, hopefully, I’ll get some future business as well.
I’m still so psyched! it was so much fun and so validating.


Awwww how awesome is that!? Congratulations!

Wow! way to go congrats :smile:

Thank you. I really needed this. I hadn’t sold a doll in so long I was losing my motivation. I’ve got it back, now.

Congratulations!!! I am so glad to hear you had such a happy and successful day!

Wow!! That’s great!!! :tada::tada::ribbon::ribbon::heart::heart:

It is so nice to have your work appreciated, so happy for you.:heart_eyes_cat:

Congrats :champagne:

Congratulations on your sales!! It really is wonderful when someone appreciates the work that is put into the dolls and doesn’t think they’re creepy.

That’s SO AWESOME Jean :grinning: Congratulations on a very successful show!!! I’m so happy your Sebastian and Dimitri get to stay together and found their perfect mommy :two_hearts: I’m willing to bet she’ll be a returning customer yet again :blush:

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Congratulations !!!

I think (and hope). She told me on the phone she’ll probably be my best customer.
I meant to take pictures but I forgot my camera. Next time.

Congratulations, that’s wonderful!

@jeanhai your babies are beautiful, there is always our time and the right time, I’m glad you are motivated again. Congratulations on such a beautiful day!


Congratulations on making so many sales at the show. Local shows are so much fun and really do help let other people better realize what these dolls are compared to others. You can look at tons online, but you can’t fully understand the realism until you see one in person and hold it in your arms.
Sounds like you made a lot of people happy! And it really is good to have people tell you they appreciate what you’ve worked so hard on. Way to go!