My very first reborn that started it all

I finally found her! She was in storage packed way away from my reach but finally she is home to stay never to be put away again. Without further ado I present Valentina. She is a 2005 Berenguer sucky lip reborn. She has been reborn the old school way. Complete with purple inside washed sand filled limbs. She was blushed with stencil creme paints, has a mohair wig and flannel cloth body. She has lost her stick on eyelashes and I have seemed to wiped away her brows while cleaning her. A few months later I decided to make my own reborn. Now if I can find the tote with her in it haha


Funny story about reborning the old way. She looks pretty good!

I am surprised the purple wash didn’t sep through her limbs. The only thing that didn’t hold up was her mohair hair wig. Its brittle and falling out. I’m going to replace it and her lashes.


Wow, she looks cute but nothing like the stuff we do now!
Lucky the internal paint didn’t seep through! I’ve seen babies where that happened and they look so unfortunate.


Yay! She is still cute! And she is a teenager now :wink:


Now I need to dig mine out.I think mine is from 2003.Mohair wig stencil creams purple wash and stark white nail

She’s still super cute! Glad you found her again :blush:

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Right! I am going to display her next to the last one I did

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Haha yes her nails are done very white. Please post your 2003 baby here ! I’d love to see it.

Named her Molly and thought she was beautiful way back then.I spent about 2 years giving them away to everybody I knew before I attempted to sell one.


That is such a cute baby!

I was so tickled when the first kits came out.I thought I was in heaven.When the heat set paints came out,I haunted the mail box until they arrived.Reborning has come a very long way since those first dolly makeovers that we called reborns.

Ohhh a shy face berenguer! My 2nd reborn was a little boy named Landon he came from the same Ebay seller as my first one above. I actually bought several from that seller. I’ll never forget her she was Suz84gt.

I think I still have a shy face in the box around here packed away.I started out using Berenguers,Middletons etc. I wish I had a picture of the first one I bought.It was horrible in person.It was also the reason I started reborning.The pictures of it were pretty but when she arrived her poor hair was a stiff brittle wig and her paint was terrible. I cried and my husband told me to get whatever it took and try to make myself one.After I started,I just could not


This was my first one poor baby looked sunburnt


Aww she’s cute! Lol I recognize blues clues in the background

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After looking through this thread I’ve made it my mission to find a shy face doll to reborn. I have never reborned a doll that wasn’t a ‘kit’.

There are a few on eBay, but I’m hoping I can find one a little less somewhere. Time to hit the sale groups


I love reading about reborning history!