My round robin

I came home last night at 10:30 to find a package waiting for me. It was my round robin from Carmen. I won’t have time to post pics until this evening. I have two little outfits, 2 baby bottles, a monkey toy, and a monogrammed blanket. Everything is just beautiful. Thanks again, Carmen.

Pictures, finally!

Here’s the wrapping that was under the brown paper.

Getting ready to peek.

I see something cute.

Ta-dah!! Outfits, bottles, toy and blanket.

Here’s a close-up of the blanket.

Thank you, again, Carmen.

Awww see this shows what kinda friends we have here at BB ,the generiousity I am seeing along with the love and thoughtfulness that has been put into these Round Robins is amazing !!!
Our BB friends are the best !!!

cant wait to see pics!

You are so right Cher.

Pictures can be found in the first posting.

Adorable things!!

Love that blanket !!!

I’m using the blanket tomorrow at the craft show for display. It is so beautiful in real life.

wow how nice and everything is beautiful-- that blanket is amazing!

Marlen, there are two things going on right now. The December Round Robin where we are exchanging smaller gifts valued up to $25. The other is the Christmas Baby Swap. With this one, people are reborning a baby and exchanging. This one is based on people’s choices. The baby swap does not happen that often. WithLoveNursery organized this one. I usually organize the round robins. We have been doing them every other month. The next one will be for February. Information will be out the end of December for sign up. It’s a lot of fun. Maybe you will join us.