My rosebud WIP hand drawn hair (will be a boy)


Painted hair is so difficult!

Does that mean he doesn’t look so good? :confused:

I hope you didn’t take my post wrong - I wasn’t saying it doesn’t look good at all - I would like to paint hair like Dulcie Broady (who no longer reborns) or some of the other ladies that are GREAT at it - it is definitely something that takes tons of practice and I am not there yet. These are some of my “reference” photos that Dulcie Boardy painted. It is hard to tell it from rooted hair and I would love to get to that point some day!


Pia, are all of these pictures painted hair?

Yes! and Dulcie Broady painted all of them.

Below are a Laura Lee Eagles baby done by Hollman Hollis and then a couple of photos of painted hair done by Kyla Janelle (who is a member here).


No I didn’t think you were trying to be mean at all. Just wanted to know if it really didn’t look good, cause I think it looks sweet, but ya know how sometimes, when we do something, it looks good to our eyes, but not so much to someone who didn’t create it…hope that made sense, lol. I totally get what you’re saying, about wishing your skill was on their level. Those pictures are GORGEOUS!!! And I’ve come to a point in my reborning where I’m pretty happy with how I paint, even my “photo shoots” have improved greatly as of late, but I am NEVER happy with the hair! Rooted or painted I always want it to look better! I want to be one of those artists that does the hair so good it make your jaw drop when u see it lol. I’m by far not the worst, I don’t think lol, but not even close to the best either!!

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