My petty hate

One of the thing that really annoys me are badly positioned eyebrows. Eyebrows should sort of follow the brow ridge, which is the rim of the eye socket. The trouble is that so many kits have the brow ridge in the wrong spot; if you try to paint the eyebrows on it the baby ends up looking weird. If a kit has anatomically correct eye sockets, painting eyebrows would be a singe.

— Begin quote from “Art_by_Jennie”

Real brows are also pretty movable. The position should also depend on the expression of the kit’s face…

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yes, that is true, but it is not the hair of the brow that moves when expression changes; it is the underlying muscle (near the nose = middle of the forehead), which forms the brow ridge that normally follows the eye socket rim, that moves little bit, but the moment the expression relaxes it is back in the original spot. The outside part of the brow only moves as much as the muscle pulls on it = hardly at all. It is the muscle that makes human face expressive. But I am talking about kits that either do not have any hint of brow ridge, or some that even have a hollow instead of ridge.

Eyebrows are a personal challenge !

Moby’s brow ridge is directly above her eyes - where her eyelids should be! I was just thinking the other day: where the heck am I supposed to put her eyebrows??? It can be pretty awful.

— Begin quote from “kathywh911959”

Since we are talking about eyebrows my other pet peeve is that most babies eyebrows are just about transparent. A lot of times all you see is the inner corners and then they fade out. Of course there are those babies that have dark hair in which the hairline can come all the way down to the outer aspect of the brow. I dislike the look of brows that are just slashes and don’t resemble any brows out there. You know the look //////////!

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I have PMed messages to ladies on forums with eyebrows that go up instead of out. Not sure how well the messages are received, but at least I refrain from GORGEOUS BABY! PERFECT! Can’t improve if one can’t see the problems and won’t accept advice!