My new song

You know how things pop into your head…I saw the elf on here which led to going to the site and seeing the christmas elf pattern. So I’m in the middle of tying up loose ends today wnen a song pops into my head set to the song “Yule Time” which I don’t know the words of past the first line. Thought I would share it with all of you for a laugh. And don’t worry, I won’t sing it out loud and I have a cold so I’m not breathing…well, much!

Fume time, fume time
Wonderful e6000 glue time
With dollies and pacis and fun things to make
My head will be spinning with ……wait, what was I going to make?
Oh, fume time, fume time
La, la, la glue time
Drowsy and dizzy and happy tonight
If I can remember what I was doing and make it all right
Pacis have magnets and dollies have plugs
Or was dollies have magnets and pacis are plugs
And where was I supposed to put the mohair
I don’t think hairy pacis are all that rare
Oh, fume time, fume time
Wonderful e6000 glue time!!!

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