My new Great Granddaughter has arrived!

Felicidades! :rose:

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Oh my so beautiful congrats

OMGoodness, what a gorgeous Baby! Congratulations! Best wishes to all generations!

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Thank you!! Hows the doll show? I hope your having a great time, sorry I missed it. Theres always next year though :smiley::smiley:

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Congrats !!! What a precious bundle of joy!!

She is perfection…

How is it possible you are a great grandmother!!!

@Rosa05 My experiences at ITDS were amazing! I met so many wonderful artists from different countries, talked to so many people, ‘meet’ so may reborn babies in person! But you are right, it’s always a next year! The birth in the family cannot be even compare to any shows!! Enjoy your little one, she is absolutely amazing and priceless!

I will keep posting photos from the shoe inder IDTS 2019 thread.

You and me should participate next year! :wink:

I am so looking foward to next year!!! Cant wait to see pics

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