My Little Presley Asleep - WIP

Well Ladies, We were supposed to head off for a 2 day holiday but we postponed it till after New Years so I decided to work on my little Presley Asleep who has been patiently waiting for months for me to get to him…I love this kid…He is going to be my forever baby when he is finished…I waited so long to get the kit and Shannon of Cajuncuties was kind enough to sell him to me and ship to Australia…so finally I will have my little dream baby…

here he is so far…trying to decide whether to give him hair or not though???


I say give him some hair. They always look cute bald, but even more so when they have hair. In my opinion, anyway. :wink:


very sweet

Beautiful work !! So happy your getting to work on your Presley. Can’t wait to see it finished !!

Beautiful! Love the coloring!

How do you get that mottling effect? Just asking various people to try some new techniques…

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Starr, he is beautiful! Is he done as far as his coloring goes? I love his lips----what color did you mix up? His head is so cute I can’t decide if I like him bald or with hair more. Can’t wait to see him finished and dressed!!! He will be a BOY, right?

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he is beautiful :blush:

Nice job! I love the coloring and the soft look.

Wow hes amazing, such a beautiful look x

Thank you so much ladies…you are all so lovely and kind - very appreciated…

Heehee, I know, I have been looking at him and though I like him bald, I do think I will like him better with hair… :smile:

I think everyone uses some of the same techniques for the mottling but we may do it in different order and use different colours but I always take a sponge, use my fingers or a pair of tweezers an pick out tiny holes…like this

then I mix my mottling colour which is something like this - varies but usually some BB creases pre-mix, some BB lip pre-mix or crimson and some flesh 08 (sort of have to mix based on what sort of colour palette you want to use - this one gives s nice natural undertone for light skinned babies that will get pink - strawberry colouring you would mix different for other skin tones so this is just an example…)

I mottle my babies before ever applying any flesh layers… so on the bare vinyl…I also do deep creases, thin skin and veins, then will cook and apply flesh layers, then do detail work - creases again, blushing, brows, lips and will do a bit of mottling in areas I want it to be a bit more prominent - always blot your sponge when adding mottling after flesh layers though or you will end up with it too dark and ruining your beautiful soft look…I use the mottling sponge to do the edges of the blushed areas and on the sides of the face near the temples, etc…the main thing is to make sure that if you add mottling, keep it light…you can always add but can’t always cover…AND adding mottling after the flesh layers - the flesh coats will ‘grab’ the colour so do your main mottling BEFORE you put your flesh on…(At least that is what I have found works best for me…others may like doing it differently - that is the beauty of reborning…there is no set in stone way to paint…it is as individual as each person doing it…basic rules but they can be tweaked to suit us all… :smile: Hope this helps

Haha ahhhhh yes, well…I am one of those mix it as you go sort of painters so not exactly sure…lol I started with a base coat of my mottling colour, then layered on a mix of BB lip, light pink and flesh 08, then another layer of mottling with a bit of crimson mixed in and sort of just kept putting layers on till it came out looking a very soft natural colour…
could I do it exactly the same again??? :no_mouth: Maybe… : :smile:
and Yes, he will definitely be a boy…I tend to produce them quite well…(in real life and reborns…lol)


How about some blonde curls?


BOY I understand about the lip color, I do that too. I always wish I could just mix up a nice soft color and keep it so I don’t have to try for a nice color every time-----never works!!!


Great skin tones and mottling! I think I will vote on hair. Maybe the same color as yours.

He is gorgeous! I agree, give him some hair.

He’s perfect! So glad you got your dream baby. I think he would look good with ash brown spiky stick up newborn hair. :wink:

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Thank you!!

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!..

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Gorgeous work! I want this baby too one of these days! :heartpulse::heartpulse:

I love him Starr!!! And I see what you mean… I REALLY wish I left mine bald:-( I second guessed myself and kick myself in the butt over it. :scream_cat:

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