😩☹️☹️ My little Neveah was stolen!

So, I finished her, and sold her cheaper than I really wanted, but the lady was very sweet, and was so excited to get her, long story short, someone stole her package right off porch!!! She filed police report, we’ve contacted post offices, and police said she’d probably not get it back​:frowning::frowning::frowning: it makes me angry, sad, and just all over frustrated, knowing how excited she was to get her, not to mention how much time and money I put into her. And who knows, whoever took her, may have just tossed her, and they have my information too.
I felt so bad that I made her another baby out of the Sarah awake kit, and surprised her with it. She was so excited, when she got her, so I guess it was worth it seeing her happy. Here are pics of both​:frowning::frowning::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Your babies are beautiful. I’m so sorry that this happened to both you and your customer.

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WOW…you always hear about people stealing packages at Christmastime…seems
it’s getting to be a year round thing…

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding signature confirmation to my babies, but
it would cause the customer a bit of trouble b/c they have to be there to physically
sign for the package.

I may ask them before sending…give them that option if they want it!!

What a sweet thing for you to do…making her another baby…I bet
she is over the moon!!!


Aww that was so sweet to do that. I bet she is so excited.
I don’t understand how rotten people are getting.


Well this time and from now on, I’m doing signature, I’ll just let them know,


This is such a sad story with a sweet ending. That lady didn’t want insurance $$. She wanted a sweet “Angel” baby from you, Karen​:heart:️. Even tho’ these vinyl pieces of art are not real babies, they do evoke real emotional connection. You represented the Reborn Community in such a good way - AND shared a valuable lesson about signature confirmation :+1:


It was so sweet of you to make another one. I hold my breath everytime I ship for fear something like this will happen and Sonja is right, sig confirmation is no guarantee but at least it lets you know the package arrived somewhere.


That is so awful
Nasty person who did that


I do signature confirmation with all of my babies if the customer is not home to sign for baby the post office will leave them a slip saying they need to pick up from po. With all the scammers out in the reborn world it’s the only way I feel safe. Who’s to say the lady did not get the baby and then just claim it was stolen so she could get a refund? Sorry but I don’t trust anyone now days.


You can do restricted signature confirmation which means only that person can sign for it. They have to show a DL or ID before they can sign and claim package. Hope that helps.


Yes not offered through pay-pal that I know of. I go up to the post office and send all of mine through them directly.


I am sorry to hear that. And so sweet of you to make another.

I also do signature confirmation.


I do signature confirmation too. I always put it in my listing but I feel protected. Another thing that kind of scares me is if a minor takes a parents credit card, an adult would have to sign. So that makes me feel a little better.


that was sweet of you I would have done the same thing
both babies are adorable

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That’s what I use, Restricted Sig.Conf. It costs a few dollars more than regular sig conf, but it’s worth it to me and I just include it in the shipping cost anyway.


Thank you all for kind words, and good advice!! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

:pensive: I’m so sorry about the package being stolen. It was so kind of you to make her another baby.

I am so sorry, she sure is a pretty baby.

I use adult signature required and could not purchase this when printing postage through PayPal or in person. It is strange, but I could only get it through the post office’s Click-n-ship. It was worth it though because the person I thought was a kid, was under 18. Luckily her father had to sign for it and of course he opened it and saw the eBay invoice I printed. He let her keep it… at least so far. On another note though I discussed this kind of situation with my post office and they said that once it says delivered the recipient can file that the package is missing, but they are not responsible it becomes something to take up with their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

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And homeowners insurance usually has a large deductible. I use signature confirmation but it never occurred to me to make it a specific person. Been a long time since I sent a baby but I send other packages all the time. I haven’t checked to see what policy UPS has but the one I use is cheaper than the post office. I did find out at Christmas that every ups is owned by separate owners and the the price is not the same as every other ups. Each one can charge what they want to. I had gone to a different one and they wanted to charge double what my regular one did. So I made an extra trip to a different town to mail the box. So compare prices!

Yes, homeowner’s is usually a high deductible. I have never had anything I shipped lost, but about 7 years ago when I was in college the mail carrier scanned my textbooks delivered but actually left the package elsewhere. I only got them because someone decided to be honest. I was home all day that day with my front door open because the air conditioning had broke and he delivered only junk mail not a package. I thought hmm my books did not come after all. When I checked tracking and it said delivered I was sick because I could not afford more books and classes were two weeks away from starting.

It is very kind that Angel made the buyer another baby. It is hard to tell for sure what happened. I would have thought someone stole my books if I had not been sitting right there when the mail carrier came up on my porch and delivered the junk mail. I even said that this was the case and the post office said they just go by what the scan says,