My little guy has new hair!

This is my little Skylar Rey and his new hair - painted by Suzanne Ball over on DF. I painted him using Genesys and she painted the hair for me. I just received his head back from her today and couldn’t wait to show him off. He’s the Roberto sculpt by Stephanie Sullivan.

I love this photo of him - he looks so real. (This photo is closest to his actual coloring.)

Here’s his new hair - it looks so much more real in person. The photos just don’t show the individual hairs detail that you see in person:

I first saw this kit at the IRDA conference last June. Stephanie Sullivan had Roberto and his twin sister, Isabella with her and I fell in love with this little face and knew I was going to have to get the kit eventually. He’s a forever baby for me.

Oh my gosh he is so darling! What a beautiful little angel face!!

sooooo adorable!!!

A beautiful baby boy!

Terri I LOVE his lips !!! You did an amazing job on his painting -that painted hair is nice but he was just as cute with out it !!!

He’s excellente! Gorgeous!

What a gorgeous little face! Beautiful doll baby