My little baldy, Naomi

Just gonna show off my little baldy, Naomi, renamed Ackerley Rae. This is my first time uploading images, so let’s see if it works


She is super sweet . I like her .

Awe, she is a little sweetie!

Thanks. She’s the first baby I created in a very long time so she’s not the best, but I like her

She is very cute!

She is sweet I just can’t get use to the lip. I do not like that about her sculpt.

What à little sweetie…!!

She is so pretty!

She makes a great baldie!

She is so cute! Pretty headband too💕

She is very pretty!!

So cute!

So precious! Just love her little fat rolls :blush:! Great job on depth and dimension! They look like real chubby legs :blush: I just wanna squeeze em’ :heart_eyes:

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She is a cutie patootie!!


She’s cute!

Very sweet little baldie…love that headband.