My first WIP

Hello ladies! I certainly could use your advice. I have finished the limbs on Ashley A

wake, but wait until you see the eyebrows! Oh my word! If anyone has any advice, I would be very grateful!

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Ooopppss…my email split between the pics. I am hoping to get eyebrow advice. The ones I painted are hideous!

Hi, Well I am not an expert on eyebrows but they are to high. When they are high like that it gives it less of a natural look and more of folly look


Thank you! I have taken them off several times. I just can’t seem to get them right. Good advice though, thanks again!

You are very welcome, eyebrows are tough! This ur first U will get it trial n error hopefully someone comes along with more detailed advice

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This is very rough… but on a paint program on my desktop… trying to show eyebrow placement…


Eyebrows are hard for all of us. I don’t do good eyebrows. But, I am fairly new as far as the amount of dolls I have done. Not very many. But, I know from this forum that they are hard to do correctly. I like your baby. I am not one to say if it needs anything or not as I haven’t figured all that out yet. Just wanted to say that.

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Eyebrows are above the brow line and need to be a teeny bit thicker and lighter color. Hope this will help you. :footprints: :baby:


Individual paint strokes or even sharp prisma pencil until you get the hang of it (though some prisma changes color if baked so you have to be careful or you get orange brows)

Lambkins reborn nursery used to be on here and she posted a photo I saved for inspiration for simpler brows

Here is a video from @snuggle2me with GHSP


Thank you!!! That is very helpful!

Thank you! I really appreciate all of the support!

Yes, thank you! Very helpful information!


Wow!!! This is awesome! Thank you very much!

I love it! :blush:

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Very cool idea, thanks!

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Here’s a little tip that might also help you @Rebecca55, we all have a dominant side to us, we do things better on one side than the other, right? So if you start your first eyebrow on your BAD side then it’s easier to match it on your Good side, make sense? If you do the ‘easy’ side first then sometimes you have a devil of a time making the other side like the first. Oh, and BTW, we always think the eyebrows should “match” when in reality children’s eyebrows rarely look the same. Look some up on the net. Children are NOT adult models. Good luck, they’re hard for all of us.

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Great points!!! Thank you!