My first ruby awake

Painted my first ruby awake FINALLY
Holy moly I’m absolutely in love
She sold in 3 minutes :joy::joy: and I now have 4 custom orders from her


She is so adorable ! Your brows and hair are very beautiful

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He’s very cute!

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I can see why she’s the popular kit!!

Aww she is so cuteeew :pleading_face::heart: I love her!! Congratulations for the sale :tada::tada:, May I ask what eyes you use on her?

Adorable! I was wondering the same thing. What eyes?

So cute! Congrats on a super duper fast SALE!!! :tada:

She is so cute!

Gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

She is adorable! Congrats on your fast sale.

Deep sable polyglass from dolls by Sandie

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Thank you so much, she is beautiful :heart:

Looks amazing on her thank you so much for your help :heart:

She’s beautiful, Ruby Awake is one of my favorite BB kits

She is beautiful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

She is adorable… no wonder she sold so quickly!!!

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I love your version!

Adorable!! Great job!!