My first reborn finished

As a first timer for both reborning, and rooting I have to admit I admire reborn artist at all levels. That’s a tittle too big for me now. This is a hobby for me, but as a hobby it’s a labor of love, patience, and perseverance.


Sorry, I dont see the pictures, lets try again :hugs:


Nice job. Great skin tones. I like your realistic creases.


Thank you. I try to listen to the advice of different artists, like Kim, from “”, and “Enchanted Kriatures”, and my bb video’s from Jacky Kramer” on painting and rooting techniques. Then the baby takes whatever he can from all that and that’s the final result. :shushing_face:

It looks fantastic. You would never know its your first.


Of this is your first I can’t wait to see your second! He looks great!


Oh my goodness! I think it is great! Good job!

What a great first baby! :heart:

Great first baby.

He looks great!!

So cute! Great job!

This is great first baby!

You did a wonderful job on your first baby, you should be very proud of yourself!! Keep him so you will be able to see your progress as you go along on your reborn journey! Welcome to the addiction!!

Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. If you can remember I was working on this baby “Logan awake” since the beginning of the pandemic, It was a wish of my older (70 year old beloved sister). Because it was my first, I work slowly, and to release myself of the pressure of not messing up too much on my sister’s baby, I work on a second baby at the same time for myself, like a practice canvas. Logan #1, is arriving in my country this Monday as a surprise for her, and my Logan#2 “Canvas”, needs the rest of his hair” rooting”. :pray:.


Awesome job for a 1st baby and the hair looks really good too! Rooting your 1st baby takes guts. I did mine as well but it didnt look nearly that good.


To be honest, I have to admit, that the “ Russian hair” as we call it, helps a lot. It was worth the wait. :grinning:

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Well done. You should be very proud of yourself Is this Logan Awake??

Great job :slight_smile:

What a fantastic baby! Beautifully done :slight_smile:

Yes, it is Logan awake.