My first kits😍

I bought my first 4 kits during the Easter sale! So excited now that they are here. Such sweet faces! All I have so far is kits. Have to buy supplies a little at a time but it’s a start! I wanted to get kits I really liked since these first few will be for practice and probably keepers. I know they won’t be perfect but since I like them already, hoping I can look past the flaws. Meg will be first, they sweet Gemma-she is dear! Then 2 shyanns- one for me to practice on and keep and if that one goes well, hopefully I can make the 2nd Shyann as a gift for a friend💕looking forward to starting this summer😊


The excitement is building!

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Smart move buying kits you like. I have painted kits I didn’t like and they just don’t seem to turn out as well. The struggle is real!

Now concerning Shyann…She is kind of like when some ladies take all their makeup off. :joy: I’ve never seen an ugly Shyann, but that blank kit is NOT pretty (to me anyway).

Keep watch because people will sell supplies they are no longer using at good prices. I’m looking forward to seeing your babies!


I’m so excited for you :grin:

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Gemma comes out really cute. You’ll love making her!

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