My first baby. Wip meg

I got 2 burnt umber washes in. Now i need opnions on mottling layers and what yall use. I have the yellow and mint and burnt umber now as well as the bb starter kit paints.


For Mottling I use Yellow Ochre, Vein blue (very light less than what is needed for veins), purple (you can use eyelid color or creases color and add a little nail tip to lighten), and nail lips and blush color also.

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Like all different layers or mixed?

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All different layers.

This is how it looks all blended and done, I also used 4 different plucked cosmetic wedges.


And more than one layer right

Also all over for all colors or random. Thanks a ton

Normally I do one flesh layer first to protect the vinyl from the blue and make stripping easier if I need to strip then one layer vein blue undertoning, one layer vein blue mottling, then one layer of yellow ochre mottling, 1 layer of purple mottling, and 1 layer of nails/lips/blushing, bake, then I do another layer of flesh, veining, then a second layer of purple mottling and another layer of red mottling, bake

All over for all colors.

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If you use that vein blue, go EASY. That stuff stains. You can always add more, but it’s a bear to remove!

Are you following a tutorial? If you aren’t pick one you like and follow it for the first baby. It’s easy to decide what’d you’d like to do different on the next one, but you need to start in a way that has been proven to work.


I have not started yet, but Meg will be my first too! I’ll be watching to see how it goes for you :blush: so far I have some kits and a little mohair. Building up supplies little by little…


things will i hope start looking better once i do the lips and eye lashes and the wig. Can i get some constructive critisism. :slight_smile: be gentle this is my first.

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The pictures dont show his coloring or mottling although i think i should darken his mottling. What do yall think.

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I am pretty new but I like mottling and would do more only because as you continue to layer the baby with flesh tones the mottling becomes less intense, at least that was my experience. My first one looked so weird after the mottling that I got scared, even though it is a vampire, but my customer (daughter) wanted the colors more intense so I had to add more. This is my first baby so…