My first baby in the making 😁

Hi all, so as some of you know I’m just starting out and I’ve been waiting for my supplies so I can have a go at willow flower. Well, all my stuff is finally here! :blush: but after reading lots of posts I decided to get a cheaper doll off ebay to practice on, little willow flower is safely put away for when I’m more experienced, I dont want to mess her up, shes so cute :blush:
Anyway, this is the doll I’ve decided to practice on. She is the Lucy kit by nines d’onil. Also very cute! I’m I’m very scared I’m going to ruin her, hence this post to you lovely lot, who can hopefully give me some tips :grin:
This is what she has had so far. A blue wash as she was quite orange, followed by blue mottling. I used ultramarine blue with a bit of flesh 08, next she had a yellow mottle using flesh 08 and yellow ochre, I did 2 mottled all over with this and then I added a bit of burt umber to the mix and went over again with a different sponge. She is looking like she needs something else? Is she too pale? More red maybe or a brown? Or should I leave her as she is and see what shes like after blushing and veining? The photos dont really show the mottling, but it is there! A little bit. I’ve maybe been a bit over cautious with the the colour :joy:


That is a cute kit. Are you using heat set or air dry paints?

I’m using genisis heat set, brought her in from the garden so the light is different.


I would say dont be afraid of colour and you will probably do about 20 to 30 layers by the time your finished so she is looking perfect. Building the colours up slowly gives depth.

You can’t ruin her unless you melt her in the oven. Paint can be stripped and re-done if necessary. She’s looking good so far. Are you using a tutorial?

I would add vein blue, eyelid purple, blood red, and lavender mottling.
As well as vein blue shading in the deep places.

What a cute kit!

Thanks all :grin: I will add a few more layers. I’m thinking it will be a boy.

Exciting! We love to see works in progress! :slightly_smiling_face:

I did a few more layers last night before I went to bed, I cant remember what colours I used exactly but i think i used quite alot of flesh 08. I baked her and went to bed thinking she was looking a bit better. But I got up this morning and realised that in proper day light she looks very grey/blue and looks chalky?
I think I’m going to move onto creases, blush and veins so I can work out what i want her to look like before i do more mottling. Does that sound about right?

Try a thin yellow ochre wash to neutralize the blue.

If chalky your paints are too thick. Thin down more, do some pink washes to warm her up.

Oh thank you, I had a feeling I was using way too much flesh 08. I was trying to get the flesh colour but she ended up grey. I put other colours in there too but haven’t a clue what :roll_eyes::joy: shes had a yellow wash followed by a nice warm pinky wash and is looking much better. I will do blush and veins tomorrow and see what she looks like then before deciding if she needs anymore mottling :grin: even with the mistakes, the mess, the backache and discovering my cat sheds hair way more than I thought :roll_eyes: I’m really enjoying watching this little one transform :grin: