My first aa baby reborn josh

he was my first AA baby I bought him off ebay and redid him he looked awfull
before I redid him I show a the picture what he looked like hope you like him


He is adorable!

Incredible transformation !


MUCH better!

What a difference! He looks good.

Good job, I think you should get more boo boo babies and redo them. Awesome!

Great job re-reborning.:wink:

Oh my, he was a real BOO baby before :scream: So very cute now.

Great job fixing him!

thank you ladies his new mommy loves him

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Great job. The skin tone is so rich.

Nice! :+1:t4:

Is it josiah? Love that baby! Yours is adorable!

Much better!
His skin tones are now very similar to the biracial version of Josiah . He was a limited edition of 250.

it is thank you

he is Josiah kit was bicacial vinyl I didn’t know it was limited edition of 250
I would like to find another one he’s on ebay but in peach vinyl
I made him a biracial body to go with his skin tone

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Wow! You really did a wonderful makeover on him He is adorable!!