My favorite mohair

I just wanted to share my favorite mohair that I use. It’s honestly the best in my opinion out of all the others I have tried. It’s so soft and goes in so easy. I ordered it off Etsy and have used it on many babies. I’m rooting lavender with it right now and it looks amazing, I’ll share a photo when I’m done. Here’s the link if any one is interested in getting some. JessiesBabies - Etsy


Would love to see your work with this hair

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Here’s lavender that I just finished before she gets her trim.


I just happened to be looking for some light brown and ordered, I didn’t check the weight!

It’s 1/4 oz broke up into 4 bundles and I just rooted lavender with a thick head of hair and only used 2 bundles.

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It looks amazing in her store but she’s only got 1 color available. Does she take orders?

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I’m not sure if she takes orders or not. I know she sells out a lot so that’s probably the reason she’s only got the one color. I ordered the last in dark brown Sunday and she had some blonde then too. She’s real quick about putting out more though.

Random fyi - pretty sure that is the sculptor Jessica Schenk - she also runs

Yes that’s her.