My favorite baby - Catherine Ariana

Just couldn’t resist posting her photo. She’s almost 3 weeks old in the photo. Now already at 5 weeks. I just got to visit for the weekend and loved it! She is a doll!

What a precious little angel!

What a cutie!


she is just Gorgeous

She sure is a beautiful little girl!

What a sweet little face!! would love to give her a squeeze…

Such a beautiful baby! Oh my goodness…a REAL doll!

She is a real beauty!

Went on facebook for once and saw new photos. Couldn’t resist sharing! She’s almost 2 1/2 months already. I can’t believe how she’s changed.

She is beautiful… yellow undertones in her skin are something new to try… She has changed a lot since your original photo… Gorgeous blue eyes… I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on her…

I’m dying to go see her. Another few weeks at least. One last one (or two) tonight! She’s wearing the dress my 12 year old came home from the hospital in.

She is too cute for words! Does she ever go out “on-loan?” I NEED a grandchild–soon!!!

Having a hard enough time getting them to lend her to me when I’m down there! I don’t think they would go for a baby lending library…until she starts to teeth! Or gets colic! Right now, he says the paci is a lifesaver. Otherwise, she wants to nurse non-stop. Josh took a paci for four months before he realized that nothing was going to come out…I still think he somehow made his sisters realize that since they wouldn’t even try them! I’ll let you know if he decides to share her!