My cradles

here are some pics of my cradles/beds.Simple but they work

They may appear to be alike at first but 1 is a cradle that rocks. 1 is a bed with flat top and bottom; 1 is a bed with rounded bottom; 1is a bed with rounded tops. My favorite it the rounded top. What do you think? I think I have them all on here now.

To be perfectly honest i laid a piece of paper down on a board and marked it off. Then took my skillet and traced it and made the rounded part. Well as with everything that was just too dern easy to work. The large ones would not sit on their bottoms like they should. They leaned to one side, UGLY! THIS WILL NOT WORK! So I began cutting things off. first the whole rounded part; hence the flat on top and bottom. Next one just a piece off the bottom and then the sides; hence the rounded bottom. Well once I did that I thought hum flip that sucker over and lets see how that looks; hence the rounded top which is my favorite. Cutting them out was kinda tricky, once I got the boards short enough my tool chest in the back of my truck would not weight them down I had to become inventive so ?I put my foot flat on the board and ran the saw under the bend of my knee and went from there. Now at 5’5" I am not tall. good thing I’m flexible.

they are great thank you maybe i can try this while my husband is on vacation. maybe i can get him to make me one!

lol i waited until my husband was gone. I wanted them to be mine.Good luck they are easy.

LOL Every time someone drove by I hurried and got my foot down. I live on the highway and it was way too muddy to pull my truck behind the house. I wish I had the money for a privacy fence so I did not have to worry about anyone seeing what I doing my own yard.

Power to ya!!! There’s nothing better than a woman who can handle a few power tools. I like woodworking, too. You did a great job with the beds. They are cute and you created such a variety. Did you trace everything to create some patterns for yourself?

yes Kim did kinda.I can do some more. I wrote the directions down.

Careful, we all might be asking you to cut them out for us and when we get them we put it together, LOL!~

The hard part is putting them together one person can not do that alone.

Thank-you Debi I had 12 wide for the head board and foot. Board. 10 wide for the bottom of them for dolls to lay on. The sides were 6 wide. The I recycled some 4 inch foam waffle for the matteresses and pillows. I took material and covered them as if I were wrapping presents. Hand sewed them. Made fluffy blankets to go over babies.

A girl after my own heart…I LOVE woodworkin… I buy patterns and can spend hours after hours in my Garage ( wood shop) LOL… I have made some nice things and still have all my fingers…

Wow, those were great. I’m so impressed you know how to handle the “man” tools! I’m too afraid because my Dad was a contractor, and always made us move away from the power tools! You should be singin’ “I am Woman, hear me roar…” (if anyone’s old like me to even remember that tune!)

I am old enough to remember that song. Just never tell me I can’t do anything because I will work so hard to prove you wrong. I know how to use power tools. My Daddy was a carpenter also and he showed me hand tools and when my husband goes to drills I always went into the shop to do what I want. I remember one time I wanted to used the band saw so bad and hubby just kept saying NO. He went to summer camp and I got out there and I started his shop smith pro and I broke a blade but I went to the saw shop and got a new blade, put it on. When he came home I had lots of little things I had cut out and painted, all lined up on his saw. I could do it! I have been doing what I want when ever I wanted. I now have some of my own power tools. You could too no one is ever too old to learn.

I love power tools. They make life so much easier. I used to make lots of wooden yard ornaments and in south AR there were several signs on the side of the rode I had painted for different things. The only thing I can not seem to be able to do is crochet or knit. That is like looking at Greek to me. I have tried and my poor chain stitch end up in circles and I could never figure out how to make squares.