My Brooklyn 8 mth has an air hole

Well the last few BB kits I have purchased have all had serious issues. Now my 8 mth old Brooklyn has an air hole in the leg, yet I paid full price for her. I also have had to spend another $75 to get a body that fits her in from Australia, given I can no longer purchase from BB.
I’ve had 2 Felicity kits where the vinyl was horrendous, stunk and was rock hard, I never break needles micro rooting but snapped 16 on the first Felicity despite using a heat lamp, so had to resort to painting hair on the 2nd kit. Then the last one Ruby awake, has issues too, and now Brooklyn, this kit should have been a 2nds kit. I have 4 pre-orders waiting from private Sculptures and thats it for me, no more. Though supplies are out of stock everywhere anyway.


This is very frustrating

What makes it more frustrating is that we are talking to a wall and get no responses from BB when we come across issues like this :pleading_face: communication is key and if they would explain to us what is going on etc we really do want to support BB and have been very gracious patient and understanding but it is costing artist who use this as income and not just a fun hobby we do on the side thier business and the confidence/trust of thier customers who do not understand the process or any if the behind the scenes and when you’ve invested so much time effort and money into something and then have to discount it because of a flaw in the kit has to be a huge blow


I just don’t know whats going on, all these years I never had an issue even with a 2nds kit but every kit I buy now has something wrong with it.

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Did you contact BB for a replacement? I don’t know if it would do any good if you want a refund. I had read a comment they made saying to email them for refunds if you’ve gotten defective firsts kits, seconds kits you get what you get basically. I have emailed them several times requesting refunds for 7 first quality kits that had major problems but never received a single refund or anything, but it may be worth a shot?

No I’m making her for myself anyway, but I can’t get a replacement as USPS isn’t shipping here.

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It’s sad that due to a virus NOTHING will ever be the same. It had given everyone the need to raise prices and the quality isn’t what it used to be for anything anymore.

nope, I have just started micro rooting her and snapped and bent 2 needles already, not nice vinyl to micro root

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