My Baby is going to be a tv star again

Well I just sent a beautiful baby to Studio City to NBC… They are doing a new tv show called “Playing House” and stars twin baby girls , one of which is my reborn…this is very exciting , ill get to see her every week…) the show airs in the spring on USA net work and they start shooting Monday here is a picture of the baby I sent

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Congratulations! She is beautiful.

The Moira doll in the picture?

That is so wonderful!! She is such a beauty! Well done!

Congratulations - she’s beautiful

Congratulation! How exciting for you!

Lynn, I just love that sculpt, this baby has so much personality in her expression. As always, your babies are very special. Congratulations! I remember when BB began buying what they called naked babies here on this forum and yours was the first one they bought. In fact they bought everyone of your dolls. At that time, I had just started making reborns and was having problems with photographing them. I sent you a few questions and you were not only so willing to help but always gave me encouragement. I will always remember how gracious you were. Thank you.

v carter…I think I love you yes I remember you sweetie , you do a wonderful job and thank you for the reply, ill save it so when im in a bad mood I can read it and remember how im supposed to be lol lol…I have always been excited to help other people, its wonderful to see them grow in there work and yes it does take the whole package to reborn…you have to be good at photos, marketing, painting, stylist, fashion everything …yes I did sell them a few of my babies back then but im so darn busy with all of the tv and movie stuff plus making the babies that I just don’t have the time any longer but those were good times for sure …thanks again and Im always here for everyone …Lynn


I love love love that dog