My Aubrey is finally finished

here is the baby that i made for my mother in law. she will be getting her as a christmas gift.


She’ll be thrilled I’m sure - who wouldn’t want to find Aubrey under the Christmas tree? Very pretty baby!

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She is adorable I’m sure she will love it u did a great job

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She is really cute. Mum in law should be very happy to find her under the tree.

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precious gift. I am sure she will love it

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thank you so much ladies :slight_smile: im sad to give her up but i know she will be loved and taken care of


What a lovely gift of yourself for your MIL! Merry Christmas!

So adorable and cuddly looking. Your MIL will love her!

What a lucky MIL, she is gonna love her. What a lovely gift, I’ll bet she goes out a buys her some new clothes right away if she is like the rest of us. And what a comfort to you to know she will be well cared for. Merry Christmas.

Shes gonna love!!!

Merry Christmas to you Pia and all you lovely ladies as well :slight_smile:

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@melcurll, Same to you~ :santa:

Such a wonderful gift! She’ll be the hit of the day! Have your camera ready!

Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

oh i plan on recording her opening the box… and ill take a still of her and post it :slight_smile: Merry Christmas Karen!!!